A nicely landscaped recently built single family home.It is the mission of FIP to offer male and female residents a safe and supportive home environment for further addiction recovery and to provide opportunities to achieve and maintain an independent, clean, productive lifestyle. FIP transitional homes will make a difference in the quality of people’s lives who are on their journey to recovery and are learning to identify and achieve goals of being successful and productive. While we maintain a clean and sober environment, we do not limit our facilities to just people in recovery. Our homes are also open to returning citizens who need support to reintegrate into the community. We understand that everyone might need a little help and support in all degrees of life. So our mission is to help anyone who is in need of change and is willing to do the work. We have transitional homes for males and females in┬áBaltimore City.


We offer more than just a bed. Our homes are some of the nicer homes in this business; we have single and double rooms fully furnished. You will have access to a phone that includes long-distance service and a computer for job searching. For some of our residents that are fortunate to have laptops, we have wiFi that is free for all residents.

  • Live-in house manager
  • Two free meals
  • Public Transportation in front of the house
  • Washer, dryer, microwave, cable, phone, computer and wifi
  • A safe, caring drug-free home environment
  • NA/AA meetings within walking distance
  • Support system
  • Random urinalysis
  • Available donated clothes
  • Assistance with community job referrals
  • Access to medical treatment from our Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Access to one on one therapy with our licensed therapists and psychiatrists
  • Referral to an addiction specialist
  • And much more

For more inquiries, please send us a message or request an appointment with us.